Tom Rudge - UX / Front End Web Developer

UX / Front End Web Developer based in the West Midlands. I'm Passionate about web standards whilst creating simple, usable and beautiful looking websites.

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Proud creator of the portmanteau "Redaptive" combining the concepts of RWD & ADW, my theory is currently being put into practice and will be launched soon. The successes of such a concept will be blogged via

What I do

I work on front end web UX / UI and look for improvements - constant iteration. Creating positive user experiences and interfaces for both web and mobile applications / sites. After all, users are the biggest stakeholders.

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What I love

Clean semantic mark-up using HTML5, CSS3 and responsive design to create simple and beautiful websites. Pretty hot on sticking to W3C standards whilst using a little Javascript / Jquery to enhance UX / UI. W3C Validate me!

Heart HTML5 and CSS3

Where I do it

Being based in the heart of the West Midlands is advantageous as I can commute to all local counties with ease, however I'm open to flexible working arrangements. Currently working in Kings Norton for Attraction World.

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I have a growing portfolio where you can see websites I've created and cool features produced. See examples of my logo design, responsive sites, CSS3, HTML5 and UX skills.

Tap the images below:

  • Winning Website of the year award!
  • GovMetric Website of the year
  • First match of 2012
  • First holiday abroad with my boy
  • Getting Married
  • Winning Website of the year award!

    Winning Website of the year award!

  • Getting Married

    Getting Married 2014

  • GovMetric Website of the year

    GovMetric Website of the year

  • First match of 2012

    First match of 2012

  • First holiday abroad with my boy

    First holiday abroad with my boy

  • Olympics 2012

    Olympics 2012

About me

I specialise in front end development: HTML5, CSS3, responsive design, W3C Standards and jQuery. I write clean, standards-based semantic markup that’s optimised to deliver exceptional UX / UI.

I also offer content management integration so you can maintain your site easily. I have extensive experience with platforms such as WordPress, Sharepoint and ASP.Net. I’m semi-skilled in the use of PHP having had a small amount of experience in moulding WordPress to the unique needs of a website and the same applies to C# in the .Net environment.

Design is more than pretty graphics. The aesthetics of your site are important but it’s only part of a greater whole. When I design a website, I’m also concerned with:

  • accessibility – your site should be available to as many people as possible;
  • usability – if your site is difficult to figure out, people will go elsewhere;
  • responsive & Adaptive – by the end of 2015, more people will be browsing the web on mobile/tablet devices than desktop computers*, websites aren’t confined to a single device anymore and need to adapt accordingly;
  • your message – what is the focus of your site? If the core message isn’t conveyed, the design doesn’t matter.

2013 and 2014 have been exceptional years for me working at I came into the company full of ideas and enthusiasm. I followed through with my ideas and because of this I became a success in the company. I introduced consistant coding through frameworks, responsive design and relaunched 3 of thier major websites. Most recently I released, a first for me and the web community, the birth of a redaptive website!

Hire me

Unfortunately for you, I'm not currently available for hire. Check back another time, otherwise just get in touch and say 'Hi'...

Download my CV - short version (pdf, 125Kb)